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Richard Branson, Oprah and Elon Musk share one thing in common.


They build powerful relationships to make more money, have more influence, and create huge impact in the world.


The bottom line is that we recommend, trust, partner with and buy from people we connect with; people who we create powerful relationships with.


Powerful relationship building isn’t an accident – it’s a skill.  I’ve blended my unique training in psychology, emotional intelligence, body language, matchmaking, and NLP to help you grow your success through key relationship building techniques for business, life, and love.

Angela Jia Kim NYC, Founder - Savor Schools & Om Aroma
Baya has a rare ability to listen with intuition, strategize with smarts, and give feedback with actionable advice. Her attention to detail while seeing the bigger vision makes her an invaluable member of your "success team"!
About Me

I’m Baya. Half speaker, half advisor, and half (I never liked math) relationships curator.

I teach relationship building techniques to create more wealth, more connections, and huge results.

once-upon-a-lifetime ago…

…I was a cast member on MTV’s The Real World, which launched my fascination with relationships.

And so began my obsession with a question that wouldn’t stop ringing in my freakin’ head: who am I being in order for people to react the way they do towards me?

the obsession never quieted down

I’ve traveled nationally studying Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and NLP, have mentored under top body language and intimacy experts, and have a monthly segment on ABC as Salt Lake City’s Relationships and Professional Development Expert (btw, I’m still figuring out how I feel about the word “expert”). I’ve started three companies (most recently Secret SLC), I’ve been a matchmaker, dating advisor, and relationships curator, and have hosted workshops from coast to coast — all with one common thread.


And how powerful relationships and connection can impact your wealth, your love life, and your business.

A little more about yours truly (in case you were dying to know)…

  • I crave huge love… like the kind Francis and Claire had on the first season of House of Cards
  • I color code my bookshelf
  • I love champagne… and freestyle rapping while drinking said champagne
  • The only way you’re going to get me to workout is if it’s on a pole (pole fitness… get your head out of the gutter)
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Client Stories Success stories from people just like you
Shelley, 36 long-term relationship turned sour

Shelley was in a long term relationship that wasn’t working. she felt totally misunderstood and it was one fight after another.

Shelley and her boyfriend had been dating for 5 years and lately it had been a constant battle. She had been out of the dating game for so long that she couldn’t even stomach thinking about starting from square one with someone.

TESTIMONIAL: Navigating the do’s and don’ts of dating could not have been a bigger burden, which is one of the reasons I stayed in my relationship so long. Baya’s support was the only way I could have picked myself up, dusted myself off, and found the bravery to start putting myself out there again. To be honest, I’m having so much fun dating, I don’t know if I’ll ever want to get into a relationship again!

Shelley discovered her underlying beliefs about herself that were the real reasons she stayed in the relationship. After 2 weeks of working together she had broken it off with her now ex boyfriend. After 3 months she was dating again, and was having the best time playing the field.

James, 29 in a relationship with his "mother"

James was in a relationship with someone who over time became so controlling that he felt like he was dating his mom.

All he did was try to make his girlfriend happy, but nothing he did was ever enough for her. When he came to me, they were on the edge of breaking up. I was his last effort to keep his relationship together.

TESTIMONIAL: Baya’s skills as an advisor stem from her innate understanding of what makes people of both genders tick. Her ability to offer qualified insight into both my mind and the mind of my girlfriend was a key part of what made her so effective.

James and his girlfriend are now engaged and better than ever. He has the ability to lead the relationship in the direction that is best for both of them and consistently gets praise from his (now) fiancé for how amazing he is.

Lauren, 31 the queen of self sabotage

Lauren was extremely flighty. She went from one guy to the next, never feeling satisfied.

More than anything she wanted a serious relationship, but anytime it started going in that direction she would do something (like move too quickly) and sabotage the relationship.

TESTIMONIAL: I thought it would be impossible to trust anyone again. I can’t thank Baya enough for her dedication to this craft. She taught me more in the time we worked together than I learned all through school. I owe my confidence to Baya, and I never thought I would be able to say that.

Within the first month she learned the key communication skills so that he could be with her through her process, instead of being on the outside. She found out belief systems she had through her whole life that held her back in her relationships and in her career. 6 months later and she is in a relationship – Laurens longest relationship to date.

Damon, 31 small business owner by day, small business owner by…. who are we kidding… sbo… 24/7

Damon’s biggest concern in hiring me was that he didn’t have time. When we started together Damon had worked himself into the ground, was totally exhausted, dropping commitments, and was getting out of shape (prior to starting his business, he loved working out).

TESTIMONIAL: I was absolutely amazed at Baya’s expertise, thoroughness, and genuine care in helping me. After we met I realized I was very confused. I took her advice and addressed the real issues in my life and how to make my life better, thus making my dating life better. I have never been as happy as I am now and I owe a lot of it to her and her great advice.

We rearranged Damon’s entire life so that he was not only working less, he was making more money, in better shape, and making time for other important opportunities in his life.

Melissa, 28 one date wonder

Melissa spent her life building her career. She loved how independent she was and she had gained a lot of success in her work life, but her relationships were never as successful.

She would attract a guy initially, but it never seemed to pick up steam. After the first few dates, it would never go anywhere.

TESTIMONIAL: Initially I was extremely hesitant to sign up. I didn’t want someone to tell me I had to change who I was in order to be in a relationship. If that was the case, I was happy staying single. Baya did anything but. I started to see where my patterns were holding me back. One of the craziest parts was that what she taught me transcended the relationship world and has landed me new clients in my business as well.

After 2 weeks Melissa created a new way of being that attracted a man strong enough to be her partner. After 3 months, she had identified barriers that repelled men (which is why dates rarely turned into relationships), learned to communicate in a way that he could understand her, and learned to keep her independence, all while still feeling like the female in the relationship.

Clayton, 29 young career success, little success w/ women

Clayton found success at a young age. He knew everything about business, but not a lot about attracting women.

He was uncomfortable hitting on girls, so he eventually stopped trying. When he came to me he wanted more experience dating and exploring and to gain more confidence approaching women.

From beginning to end, Baya was exactly what I needed her to be. When I was lost and needed direction, she was a shepherd; when I was down in the dumps, she was a pistol; best of all, when I had a win, she celebrated with me in a way that made progress I was making feel real and important and worth all of the difficulty.

After a month of working together, Adam met a girl who he calls his “experimental partner”, they play around with different sexual worlds together and have mutually agreed not to be exclusive. He now loves asking girls out.

Andrea, 30 no confidence

After not getting along with her boss for quite some time, Andrea finally got the guts to quit her job. She immediately got freaked out by not having any money and no stable income.

It took a lot of convincing for Andrea to come on board. With no stable income and no job in sight (she had applied to tons of places and wasn’t getting any calls back), she had NO extra money to be spending on me. Add that on top of the fact that she didn’t trust herself to make a good decision, she was on pins and needles when we started working together.

TESTIMONIAL: Baya came into to my life when I needed something more than ever. I felt like for the past few years I was just going through the motions, unhappy and with no direction. I knew I needed to make changes, but felt stuck in my lack of confidence that was holding me back in every aspect of my life. With Baya’s help I was able to see my roadblocks and how to change the dialogue in my head. It was so easy to share my thoughts and emotions with her because she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Thank you Baya for your passion support and for helping me discover my own potential!

I’ll never forget Andrea coming into my office the fourth week of working together. She was glowing like I had never seen. She had landed her dream job and was so confident, she glowed.

Lance, 34 accomplished, but not fulfilled

On the outside, Lance had it all: the relationship, the career, the money.

When he first came in, he was totally unfulfilled in his life. He had met the financial and career goals he had set, but whenever he met a goal, it never felt like the “win” he expected. He wanted to get excited by his accomplishments, but had no idea how.

TESTIMONIAL: From beginning to end, Baya was exactly what I needed her to be. When I was lost and needed direction, she was a shepherd; when I was down in the dumps, she was a pistol; best of all, when I had a win, she celebrated with me in a way that made progress I was making feel real and important and worth all of the difficulty.

Lance pinpointed the reasons why he was feeling unfulfilled and as soon as he started making my recommended changes, he was the happiest he’d remembered being in his adult life.

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How to get the relationship you've always wanted (hint: this doesn't just apply to romantic relationships)

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The Method
Learn to monitor your emotions to guide thinking and behavior. Studies show that people will high EI have greater mental health, better job performance, excellent leadership skills, and are much better at scoring the best relationships in the world ;)… but seriously.

NLP (NEURO-LINGUISTING PROGRAMMING)NLP uses neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistic),  and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming) to achieve specific goals (think: goals to make more money, be in a better relationship, attract the partner of your dreams… the list goes on).

MASTERING COMMUNICATION Powerful relationships (whether personal or professional) lead to huge impact, greater influence, and more wealth. Leaders know how to use communication to persuade people into believing in what it is they are creating in the world – whether that’s a relationship or a new business idea.

BODY LANGUAGE TECHNIQUES Studies show that non-verbal language accounts for 60-90% of our communication. That’s a sh*t ton! Being acutely aware of how you are using your body in communication can mean the difference between landing or not landing the client or whether or not you get a second date.


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