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I help people turn life transitions into rites of passage

At the very end, what we treasure, and makes us US, are the moments of pure connection: with ourselves, the people we love, community, spirit.

“Our ritual was absolutely life-changing.”

“Baya continues to blow me away. She delivers some of the most profound experiences I have ever been a part of.”

 —Joshua Jordison, Founder – The Human Gathering

“Without Baya’s help creating a reconnection ceremony with my husband, another year would have have gone by without anything memorable or special. For the first time in 12 years together I now truly feel certain about his commitment and our devotion to each other. Our ritual was absolutely life-changing.”

— Kristen Ulmer, Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Athlete

“My friends and I said it was the most memorable event of our lives… perhaps most delightfully in the unexpected minutiae of it all.

— Dave Bateman, CEO Entrata

Secret Circles


How to Start Your Own Moon Circle 

(so when shit goes bad, you’ve got a rock solid support system)

“She understands people—including ourselves, perhaps better than we do.”

“Baya has a gift, truly, to be able to get right to the bones of a situation or person and see exactly what it is that is needed. She understands people—including ourselves, perhaps better than we do.”

— Lindsey Armstrong, National Radio Host

“The experiences Baya creates are absolutely captivating.”

— Rachel Hofstetter, former editor Oprah Magazine, CMO Chatbooks

“Baya has mastered the art of choreographing people and environments.”

— Renya Nelson, Founder & CEO BrandAid

The Simple Cure for Loneliness

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I design rituals and ceremonies for people going through major life changes because I’ve found nothing more powerful than using ritual to help transitions become rites of passage. 

For the past decade, I’ve been designing and facilitating experiences for people to deeply connect. From my days as a matchmaker and dating coach (when ABC coined me as “The Female Hitch“) to wide-ranging two-person rituals and 20-person Jeffersonian-style dinners, elaborate 1,000+-person theatrical productions (think “Sleep No More”), secret society women’s circles, and conferences at places like Lincoln Center and SXSW.

Speaking at TEDx was a huge turning point, both in my career, and more unexpectedly, in my love life. On stage, after I spoke, my then-boyfriend proposed in front of thousands of people. A few months later, he broke off our engagement. Not only did I not see it coming, I felt like I had been run over by a bulldozer. That breakup brought me to my knees with grief in a way that nothing had before. Shame. Confusion. Fear… you name it, I felt it. 

I credit the rituals I did both on my own and with my community for taking me through my lowest of lows. Ritual took an experience that could have easily made me bitter, and it made me better. My engagement ending became the most powerful rite of passage because of ritual.

This is why I’m so obsessed with creating rituals for people like you (whether you’re grieving or celebrating) because I know firsthand how life-changing these spaces can be and how they can completely transform the moments in our lives that matter most in the end.

If you’re looking for support creating deep meaning through whatever big life transition you’re in, I’d love to have a conversation. Just click the button below to schedule a time to chat.

Sending lots of love to you on your journey —


“The best experience I’ve ever been a part of. I woke up the next morning wondering if it was real or a dream.

-Doug Cartwright, Founder & CEO -Shift

“Baya is a force of nature who has a gift of making you feel comfortable to open yourself fully and dive deep within minutes. Her methods enable bonds to form with others that otherwise may have taken years. If you’re looking to step into your true self, I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

— Dr. Scarlett Magda, Founding President -Veterinarians International

“I felt like I was Michael Douglas in The Game. The experience jolted me out of my current perspective and connected me on a deeper level—not only to my wife—but also to myself. I  emerged out of the experience completely transformed. Hire Baya. You owe it to yourself.”

— Ozan Varol – Rocket Scientist & Law Professor, Lewis & Clark