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What would it mean for your business if you hosted a gathering people couldn’t stop talking about?

There are thousands of conferences, summits, bootcamps, masterminds, and retreats being sold at any given time.

How do you create an experience that is unlike the others?

It’s no longer simply about who can provide the best information. It’s increasingly about what you do with people’s attention once you have it.

I help create unforgettable gatherings. Borrowing from the world’s time-tested rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage,

I specialize in designing unexpected moments that separate you from the crowd and get people talking.

There’s a rich history of taking non-ordinary approaches to events.

Take Truman Capote, for example. Known primarily as the famous and controversial writer of books as In Cold Blood, he decided in the 1960’s to throw a masquerade ball.

More than 50 years later, it still gets mentioned in publications like The New York Times.

An entire book has been written about the event, and the ball even has its own Wikipedia page.


Oscar de la Renta and Vogue Editor Francoise Langlade at Truman Capote Black and White Ball
(Credit: Santi Visalli/Getty Images &

He offered the unexpected.

Instead of a fancy chef-inspired dinner with white linen, he served spaghetti at midnight.

There were no lavish floral arrangements. He decorated with balloons and candles.

Press wasn’t allowed, except for a few hand-selected journalists.

He spent the entire summer coming up with the guest list, and then did something totally unheard of: he mixed the rich and famous with average Joes and Janes from middle-class America. The latter were often acquaintances who he had stayed with while writing.

Even decades later, Truman’s event is memorable because it was different.

He wasn’t aiming for “better” based on some arbitrary and overused recipe his colleagues happened to use.

Most high-end events, despite great planning and expensive production, are completely forgettable.

How many events have you attended that have been truly unforgettable?

It’s probably a short list.

Even with well-known speakers, expensive setups, good programming, and farm-to-table food, most events simply end up unremarkable.

The good news is that the fix isn’t necessarily spending another $50k on better lights and bigger speakers.

The fix is adding elements that are unexpected and unusual.

My clients hire me to make their events world-class by adding unique touches that begin when the invite is sent and last long after the gathering is over.

Think of it like creating magic on-demand.

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