(written in third-person because let’s be honest… it sounds less pretentious 🙂)

Baya Voce

Since 2010, Baya Voce has produced “magic touch” experiences ranging from two-person rituals to elaborate 1,000+-person immersive-theater productions (think “Sleep No More”). Whether 20-person Jeffersonian-style dinners or high-end finance conferences at Lincoln Center (and everything in between), Baya’s focus is engineering unforgettable moments. 

With more than 4 million views, her TEDx talk on loneliness is one of the most-viewed TEDx talks of all time. She has produced experiences in conjunction with brands like Lyft and Google Fiber, and she has been featured by Forbes, ABC, Fox, MTV, TEDx, and SXSW for her perspective on experience design and human connection.