Baya Voce

I believe there are moments in life that define the direction it takes. 

You go through a heartbreak or love affair.

You meet an extraordinary person whose outlook makes you see things totally differently. 

You experience different cultures, spiritualities or lifestyles while traveling the world.

These are the moments that travel on with us through the stories we tell and the meaning we make.

These are the moments that weave and uplift the fabric of our lives.

And yet, these moments often happen accidentally or unpredictably. 

I help create this magic on purpose inside your program by designing experiences that…

  • Create a bond between your group that is deeper and stronger by the first week than it usually is by the end.
  • Defines a container of psychological safety that allows your group to go deeper faster. 
  • Unlocks visceral emotions that create immediate and unexpected breakthroughs.
  • Cultivates a deep sense of belonging for participants.

For you, this means…

  • Standing out, being seen, known and totally original. 
  • Giving your clients reasons to tell their friends about you after the first week, making your word-of-mouth referrals explode (and your next launch much easier).
  • Becoming completely unforgettable.

The secret that most even organizers haven’t caught onto is that you do all of this by creating unexpected experiences that take your attendees on a journey.

This journey can become a profound pilgrimage for those who join.


Hi, I’m Baya. 

For over a decade I’ve produced, designed, and created “magic touch” experiences ranging from two-person rituals to elaborate 1,000+ person immersive-theater productions (think “Sleep No More”).

Online group programs, intimate masterminds in the South of France, high-end finance conferences at Lincoln Center in New York City … I’ve designed them all (and everything in between).

My focus is engineering unforgettable moments that create deep meaning, and deliver transformative experiences that attendees can’t stop talking about. 

What I’ve noticed from my work is that people will go to great lengths (i.e. become forever customers, pay higher ticket prices, tell all their friends) when they experience these moments inside the spaces I create.

If there is one thing the over 4.5 million views on my TEDx talk on loneliness has shown me, it’s that there is a deep need for spaces that help us feel connected. 

I’ve designed experiences (gatherings, workshops, programs, retreats, etc.) for multiple New York Times best-selling authors, award-winning companies, and in conjunction with brands like Lyft and Google Fiber. I’ve been featured by SXSW, Forbes, ABC, Fox, The Daily Worth, and MTV for my perspective on experience design and human connection, which I believe is the key that will unlock a new and cutting-edge era of gathering.