“Baya has a talent for creating the unexpected, and at the same time, priming the participants to be open for whatever the unexpected is. She creates the foundation for different types of connections to be made and for truly memorable experiences to be had. I honestly don’t know how to put a price on that.”

Kathy Gecas, Strategy Director – Adidas

“I felt like I was Michael Douglas in The Game. The experience jolted me out of my current perspective, and connected me on a deeper level to myself. I emerged out of the experience completely transformed. Hire Baya. You owe it to yourself.”

Ozan Varol, Author Think Like a Rocket Scientist, Law Professor – Lewis & Clark Law School

“Baya is a force of nature who has a gift of making you feel comfortable to open yourself fully and dive deep within minutes. Her methods enable bonds to form with others that otherwise may have taken years. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Dr. Scarlett Magda, Founding President – Veterinarians International

“We were able to connect on a visceral level as a community in a way that we never have before. It has changed the way our team and members are interacting. People are more apt to talk and share past surface level and connect in a more meaningful and deeper way.”

Elisa Sepulveda, The Riveter Co-Working Space

“Baya gave me invaluable insights on customer experience for Innovation Bootcamp, an elite technology event that I hosted at the Four Seasons in Malibu. Baya has a deep and nuanced understanding of the customer mindset and framed my event to meet our lofty goals.  Her specific recommendations helped create a 5-star guest experience with only incremental costs. A massive ROI for my company and my customers!”

Navin Thukkaram, Angel Investor

“Baya dives into unstructured and highly important environments without question, and fully delivers on every task in perfect stride. In peak event chaos, Baya is an asset to the team and to team leadership, working closely with some of our highest level speakers, including Jeff Bezos and Marianne Williamson.”

Thea Carew, Summit Series

“I’ve done hundreds of events, booths, and activations over the years, and my favorites have one thing in common: Baya. She has not only helped us engage a brand-new audience, but has captivated returning customers in a brand-new way. She has a beautiful ability to get into the mind of the customer and deliver the unexpected, which has given us a more connected community, elevated brand perception, and driven up sales more than I could have ever asked for.”

Brittany Shimmin, Founder & CEO – Vive Juicery

“I’ll attend every future event of Baya’s that I’m invited to.”

– Dallas Hartwig, Best-Selling Co-Author – The Whole 30

“Baya has mastered the art of choreographing strangers and environments. She understands completely the importance of storytelling and narrative in events.”

Renya Nelson, Founder & CEO – BrandAid

“The experiences Baya creates are absolutely captivating.”

Rachel Hofstetter, former editor – Oprah Magazine, CMO – Chatbooks

“Our ritual was absolutely life-changing.”

Kristen Ulmer, Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Athlete

“Baya continues to blow me away. She delivers some of the most profound experiences I have ever been a part of.”

Joshua Jordison, Founder – The Human Gathering